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Improved Learning with Innovative Instructional Design

Our Innovative Instructional Design delivers Enhanced Learning Experience.


We help you lock your unique knowledge and expertise in the form of innovative learning modules. You tell us and we create it for you. It improves knowledge transfer exponentially.


To help you with your expanding training needs for expanding employee strength. Let us standardize your first level training for you, so that you can train more and faster, uniformly.


Top up standard training with unique elements from your internal repository. We will help you add that extra knowledge and zing.


No, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel always. Tell us what kind of ready to use modules you need, and our research team will curate it for  you to create training programs on the fly.


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Gamification of Learning and Validated Evaluation

Gamification of Assessments Delivers Enriched Learning Experience.

Baseline assessments

Identify training needs, conduct base-line assessments, and categorize into learning cohorts.

Interactive assessments

To improve employee engagement.

Periodic assessments

To enhance practice, thinking and decision making.

Mandatory assessments

To ensure upskilling and cross-skilling through continuous learning.


Link assessments with role/task KPIs and create personalized learning pathways and goals that enhance the knowledge and skills of your Learners.


Ensure increase in knowledge levels for career progression through certifications. Create tangible programs for succession planning.


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Enhanced Reach

Learn on-the-go on any device.

LMS Implementation

Whether you want us to provide you a LMS or you have your own LMS, we support the  LMS implementation.

User Management

We provide user management services and eliminate the need for you to worry about the operational aspects of user management.

Course and Content Management

With your inputs or if you want us to design the courses and the structure for the different learning elements, we are happy to provide you course management and content management services. Rest assured and focus on your core business. 


How do you want to see the progress? What do you want to focus on? Tell us and we will give you solutions. Or, we can direct you to default reports that can be provided.

Online Training

We can help you design and implement online self-paced courses and learning programs.

Blended Instructor Led Training

We know that training requires a flexible hybrid approach while also providing self paced learning opportunities to all. We can help you tailor and implement, online or blended, instructor led training programs.

LMS Implementation

Whether you want us to provide you a LMS or you have your own LMS, we support the LMS implementation.

LMS Hosting

LMS Maintenance

LMS Administration

We manage the day-to-day operations of your LMS, so that you can focus on your business.

Content and Course Management

User Management



We can help you design online trainings as well as hybrid blended ILT to suit your training needs.

Online Training

Blended Instructor Led Training


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Improving ROI on Training Spends

Gamification of Assessments Delivers Enriched Learning Experience.

Instructional design

We can assist in design the courses so that there is optimal learning and improved performance.

Selection of LMS

There are many good learning management systems available - each with its own strengths. We can help you answer any of these questions - What suits you best? Do you think it is time to change your existing system? Are there ways of improving your existing LMS?

Training needs analysis

We can assist in customizing automated processes for your routine training needs analysis. We can also assist in aligning these with the goals of each role.


Are you looking at a big change? Is this change a part of your organizational transformational goals.? We can work with your to identify optimal alternatives. We can also assist you in the implementation.